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Twinings Earl Grey Black Tea Review

Company/Brand Name: Twinings

Name: Earl Grey Tea

Category: Black Tea

Origin: China

Leaves: Pungent, Black Leaves

Flavor: Bold & Citrusy

Caffeine: Yes

Overall: This tea can be enjoyed at any time of day and tastes best with a splash of milk.

Twinings Earl Grey Tea Review

Just like peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, whiskey and Coca-Cola, are some of the world’s most delectable fusions, Twinings combined Bergamot orange and Keemun to create one of the most favorable teas out there; Twinings Earl Grey tea.

The roots of Earl Grey tea evoke some to believe that there is a sophistication to Earl Grey tea, and that it can only be savored during special occasions and holidays.

In reality, Twinings Earl Grey tea is one of the most-popular tea blends for everyday enjoyment.

The universal part about Twinings Earl Grey tea, is that there are so many different ways to consume it; Earl Grey tea food pairings, Earl Grey tea alcoholic drinks and infused libations, and/or Earl Grey tea food recipes.

Twinings Earl Grey tea is every tea drinker’s staple blend.

What is Earl Grey Tea Made of?

Bergamot oil and Keemun black tea miraculously blend together to create Twinings Earl Grey tea.

Bergamot is a fragrant, citrus plant that resembles a lime, is the size of an orange, and its bitter taste can be compared to a grapefruit or a lemon.

The bold, smokey components of Keemun black tea were originally infused with Bergamot oil to make Earl Grey tea during the late 19th century in China.

The full-bodied cups of black tea and sunny notes of Bergamot infuse to make Earl Grey tea a quintessential, British classic.

What Does Earl Grey Tea Taste Like?

When the Earl Grey tea first hits your tongue, you’ll notice that there is something floral, bitter, and sweet about Bergamot that perfectly blends with the bold, malty, Keemun black tea.

Black tea is typically tart and smokey on its own. The citrus Bergamot oil adds to the Keemun for a more refreshing and delicate aftertaste.

Infused together, Twinings Earl Grey tea tastes bold, citrusy, and energizing. Ironically the same description could be given to energy drinks.

Does Earl Grey Tea Have Caffeine in it?

Due to its black tea base, Twinings Earl Grey tea does have some caffeine in it.

If you’re watching the amount of caffeine you intake, Twinings Collection also makes a decaffeinated Earl Grey tea.

How to Drink Earl Grey Tea

I enjoyed trying Twinings Earl Grey tea with a lemon slice and dash of honey, although there

are countless ways to indulge in this tasty brew; drinking black tea, with/without milk, cream, honey, or sugar.

Depending on how strong you enjoy your Twinings Earl Grey tea, heat a cup of water on the stove for 2 to 3 minutes and set an Earl Grey tea bag into the liquid once it comes to a slight boil.

Add whatever else you enjoy in your Twinings Earl Grey tea, and enjoy!


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