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Twinings Chai Tea Review

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Company/Brand Name: Twinings Of London

Category: Chai Tea / Masala Tea

Origin: India

Leaves: Black Tea

Flavor: Creamy With Lots Of Cinnamon & Spices

Overall: This Tea Can Be Drank Hot Or Cold And Is Great At Any Time Of Day.

Twinings Chai Tea Review:

It was extremely cold this morning, snow was coming down outside and I even could hear the wind howling as it went by the windows. The first thought to pop up in my mind was to brew some of my favorite Twinings Chai Tea to warm myself up and start the day off right.

Brewing Chai Tea

I boiled some water and sunk the tea sachet into the cup. I like to leave my Chai tea bags steeping for a longer period of time than most to get as much of the flavor as possible, to a point of almost making my tea bitter, but I like my Chai tea with almond milk which I think balances it out perfectly.

Chai Tea Flavor & Aroma

The aromas of clove and cinnamon filled the room. There are a variety of natural spices in this black tea blend including cardamom and ginger that are detectable within the aroma. The ginger is much more subtle than you would expect until you taste the tea and it becomes much more pronounced. The Chai tea ingredients come together to provide a spicy yet sweet taste in my mouth, the black tea is present but the cinnamon and cardamom take center stage. This may be my imagination but I always compare Chai tea to a drinkable snickerdoodle when I am asked what to expect.

How to Drink Chai Tea

There are a variety of ways to drink Chai tea, personally I enjoy it with some warm almond milk to give it a creamy and sweet taste, traditionally warm milk, sugar or honey is used but I have also found people to use real cream or vanilla creamer in place of milk. You can drink it straight up with just the sachet and some water, both ways are enjoyable, but in my opinion the warm milk (or almond milk) makes the tea stand out and gives it an appealing texture.

Iced Chai tea is also a great variation of Chai tea as well. Obviously with the weather below freezing right now that is not the route I wanted to take, but it is worth noting as Chai tea cna be enjoyed almost any time of year, hot or cold.

I have tried a variety of Chai teas and have found Twinings Chai tea to be my favorite so far. Twinings of London has been around for hundreds of years and knows a thing or two about making great Chai tea.

Chai Tea Benefits

Chai tea or Masala tea, aside from being a delicious and enticing tea has a lot of great health benefits. Chai tea has been said to help improve heart health, reduce blood sugar levels and has even been said to contribute to blood sugar control, it can reduce nausea, help you lose weight and even improve your body's digestion. If you ever wondered if Chai tea is good for you, the answer is yes. However, these studies are based on the spices used for Chai tea individually which makes it difficult to determine the amount one would need to consume to reap the health benefits of Chai tea. Most experts agree that the normal serving size should provide your body with an adequate amount of beneficial nutrients.

Chai Tea Caffeine & Health Concerns

Chai tea typically contains caffeine which some people are sensitive to and when drunk in excess can cause a variety of unpleasant effects from high blood pressure & migraines to anxiety and difficulty sleeping. With this in mind, Twinings also makes a decaffeinated Chai tea that can be much more enjoyable to those that have caffeine sensitivities.

Chai tea is a sweet and spicy tea that can be enjoyed year round. It provides a cozy seasonal ambiance and it was a great choice on such a cold day to warm up with. I thoroughly enjoy my Twinings Chai Tea.

Pick up some Chai tea from Twinings of your own and stay cozy my friends.


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