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Dandelion Root Tea

While gardeners and savvy homeowners may hate them, dandelions actually have various healthy and spiritual qualities that individuals find beneficial.

Whether your favorite dandelion root tea is made of roasted dandelion roots or an infused beverage made of the plant’s leaves, they’re both used for a variety of purposes.

Here’s the tea on dandelion root tea!

Dandelion Root Tea Benefits

Brewing a cup of dandelion root tea a few times per week can provide you with these health benefits:

Reduces Bloating

Dandelion tea provides relief and bloating as it increases your urine output and acts as a diuretic after consuming two 1-cup servings.

Promotes Liver Health

Dandelion root tea increases the flow of bile and acts as a stimulant to the liver.

Dandelion tea could help detoxify the liver, promote skincare, relieve eye issues and alleviate liver disease symptoms.

Promotes Weight Loss

Some studies show that dandelions could have a similar effect on the human body as some weight loss drugs do. This is due to the decomposition of fat during digestion after consuming dandelion tea.

Further studies are being done on mice to examine the possible anti-obesity effects of incorporating dandelions in our foods/drinks.

Relieves Digestion Issues

While dandelion root tea is said to relieve digestion issues, it has also been used to improve appetite, soothe digestive ailments and overcome constipation.


A Canadian study revealed that dandelion root extracts reduce melanoma and pancreatic cancer cells without impacting healthy, non-cancerous cells.

While no further studies have shown the long-term effects of dandelion root tea on cancer patients, the potential is positive so far.

Prevents UTIs

When dandelion roots are paired with Uva Ursi herbs, together they help prevent urinary tract infections.

This is because of the anti-bacterial components in Uva Ursi herbs, and the increased urination correlated with dandelion.

Dandelion Root Tea Uses: for Mind, Body & Spirit

Dandelion root tea has various health benefits, but being a common weed in the Composite family, dandelion is also believed to aid the development and promotion of psychic powers.

According to The Conjured Saint, when you use the dandelion root in certain manners, you can stimulate spiritual powers, grant wishes and even telepathically send messages to loved ones.

Psychic Dreaming & Sleep Protection

Placing a pinch of dandelion root in the northwestern part of your home will bring better luck to your life and environment.

Piercing pieces of the root and threading them to create a necklace will invoke and contact the spiritual world.

Sprinkle dandelion root around candles which represent your greatest wish to give the root more power.

Magical Uses

Making a steamy cut of dandelion root tea and placing it close to your bed before sleeping will open up your abilities to dreaming insightfully.

Drinking dandelion root tea before fortune telling will open up your psychic abilities.

Burning dandelion roots on a charcoal and combining it with ground anise, bay leaf and frankincense will open up your intuition.

Try out our dandelion root tea recommendations and contact us on how your mind, body, spirit and overall health, responded!


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