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Cup Of Peppermint Tea For The Work Day

If you’re feeling unwell or suffering from an upset stomach, boiling water and making a cup of tea can help soothe your symptoms. There seems to be tea for almost any condition. So if you're wondering what tea is good for an upset stomach you are in luck. Get ready to delve into a world of teas and learn about the ailments that they can help ease.

Tea For Stomach Ache

Fresh Cup Of Tea

When you’re feeling sick to your stomach, tea will keep your body hydrated. It helps treat other illness symptoms as well including aches, pains and sore throat.

If your stomach is feeling unwell, what do you reach for? Over the counter medication? Ginger ale? Tums? If tea wasn't on the list, it's about time to add it.

What Teas Are Good For The Stomach?

What tea helps your stomach when it's feeling upset?

  • Ginger Tea

  • Chamomile Tea

  • Peppermint Tea

  • Licorice Root Tea

  • Green Tea

  • Black Tea

Peppermint Tea is a popular go-to for an upset stomach. Peppermint tea is also a great tea for stomach bloating. It has a high concentration of flavonoids and calms digestive tract bacteria which cause gas & bloating. Other benefits of peppermint tea include:

  • Easing Digestive Upsets

  • Relieves Tension Headaches And Migraines

  • Relieves Clogged Sinuses

  • Helps Relieve Menstrual Cramps

  • Can Help Fight Bacterial Infections

  • Improves Quality Of Sleep

Ginger Tea is another popular tea for an upset stomach. Ginger tea is often sought after to help ease sore throats, colds and is one of the best teas for digestion. Ginger tea is used to:

  • Help Ease Digestive Comfort.

  • Soothe Digestive Upset

  • Prevent Nausea And Vomiting

  • Provide Anti Inflammatory Properties

  • Ease Arthritis

Chamomile Tea reduces abdominal gas. In turn, this alleviates pain associated with stomach cramps. Its anti-inflammatory properties will also help soothe stomach pain for those that suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

It’s also common for people to use chamomile tea for stomach flu. Chamomile tea replenishes fluids and soothes the gastrointestinal tract which will ease cramping associated with painful diarrhea associated with the stomach flu.

Using chamomile Tea for stomach ulcers is also a great way to reduce healing time as it contains anti ulcer properties. Chamomile tea is also known to help:

  • Reduce Menstrual Pain

  • Lower Blood Sugar

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Treat Cold Symptoms

Green Tea provides a variety of health benefits and is heavy in antioxidants. People have used green tea for hundreds of years as a remedy for diarrhea & bacterial infections. Using green tea for stomach pain provides relief when you need it most. Green tea offers:

  • Digestive Aid

  • Anti Inflammatory Properties

  • Anti Microbial Properties

With green tea being widely available at most restaurants and eateries, it's easy to find. You could even order green tea for an upset stomach at Starbucks when your friends or coworkers make their next coffee run.

*Be advised that most green tea contains caffeine. Caffeine is notorious for causing upset stomach, diarrhea, and nausea. So if you’re sensitive to caffeine it may be better to stray away or look for a decaffeinated variety when you have a stomach ache.

Green tea for a stomach ache is one thing, but what about green tea for stomach ulcers? Some studies have shown green tea to be effective at treating stomach ulcers. However, caffeine has been known to influence stomach acid and cause peptic ulcers and acid reflux. For this reason we would recommend that you stay away from green tea and other caffeinated teas when treating a stomach ulcer.

Black Tea is often used to help soothe an upset stomach and diarrhea. It contains tannins which provides an astringent effect on the body. Black tea is widely used to:

  • Promote Good Heart Health

  • Decrease Cancer Risk

  • Soothe Headaches

  • Treat Upset Stomachs And Digestive Issues

*Black tea usually contains caffeine which can exacerbate upset stomach symptoms & headaches. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, it may be a good idea to find decaffeinated black tea or stray away from black tea altogether.

Can Tea Cause Stomach Pain?

Teas like black tea that contain tannins can result in nausea and stomach aches in sensitive individuals. Tannins bind to proteins & carbohydrates to minimize digestive irritation but it can also irritate the digestive tract in some people.

Licorice Root Tea has antispasmodic properties that can help relieve muscle spasms or involuntary muscle tightening. Licorice tea has been used to:

  • Ease Digestive Problems

  • Soothe Nausea

  • Relieve Upset Stomach

  • Reduce Gas & Bloating

  • Promote Healthy Digestion

  • Prevent And Treat Ulcers

Tea and stomach pain is usually a match made in heaven. It’s important to drink tea when your stomach is upset, but you should drink tea for stomach health as often as possible. Tea effects on the stomach vary depending on the person.

Tea For Queasy Stomach

Making Tea | Boiling Water

If you’re wondering how to treat a queasy stomach, all of the teas we have discussed have the potential to provide relief. However, both green tea and peppermint tea are widely regarded as the go-to tea for a queasy stomach.

Green tea is a tried and true way to ease the feeling of a nauseous stomach. It has been proven to relieve stomach troubles and remedy diarrhea and infection. Green tea can cause nausea if it is drunk in excess. This is due to the caffeine content, so make sure to only drink 1-2 cups per day to not develop stomach upset or


Drinking peppermint tea offers stomach benefits when you're feeling queasy too. Just the smell of peppermint alone can help reduce feelings of nausea almost instantaneously. Unlike green tea, a cup of peppermint tea is non-caffeinated making it a great choice for evenings and for those with caffeine sensitivities.

Tea For Stomach Inflammation

Maybe you’re wondering what tea helps stomach inflammation? If you are having inflammatory stomach problems, herbal teas such as tumeric tea and ginger teas can help. Some folks even mix the two together to create a ginger turmeric tea. Both teas host amazing anti-inflammatory properties and can help soothe stomach inflammation.

Pouring A Cup Of Tea

Ginger contains a variety of compounds to limit inflammatory responses in the body.

Turmeric contains Curcumin which offers a variety of anti-inflammatory properties.

Drinking Tea On An Empty Stomach

Some teas like peppermint tea are able to be consumed on an empty stomach in small quantities. But the overall consensus is that it is not a good idea to drink tea on an empty stomach.

When tea is consumed on an empty stomach it can affect your body's acid/alkaline balance. Tea also contains a chemical called Theophylline which tends to dehydrate stool and cause constipation.

Is Tea Bad For Stomach Ulcers?

Will tea settle your stomach when you have an ulcer? Generally tea should be avoided if you are experiencing any kind of ulcer. Teas are acidic and some can even increase the prosecution of stomach acid which should be avoided at all costs when combating an ulcer.


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