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Teavana Lemon Ginger Bliss Tea Review

Company/Brand Name: Teavana

Name: Lemon Ginger Bliss

Category: Ginger Tea

Origin: Asia

Leaves: Ginger, Lemongrass, chamomile, Lemon Verbena, Licorice Root, Lime Peel & Orange Peel

Flavor: Lemon & Ginger With Hints of Strawberry & Lime

Overall: A Mild Tea With Lots Of Health Beneficials

Lemon Ginger Bliss Review:

I’ve been on a Teavana kick lately and stumbled across their Lemon Ginger Bliss tea while scrolling It’s been snowing where I live and the need for warm drinks to keep warm and cozy is real, so this morning I boiled up some water and decided to give the Lemon Ginger Bliss tea a go.

By simply opening the lid of the container that this tea comes in, a fruity aroma makes its way to my nose and smells like lemon and strawberry. A bit sweeter than I had anticipated but tastes change drastically when steeped so I still went for it.

Caffeine Free Tea

This is a caffeine free tea which was a bit of a bonus for me because I have been finding it hard lately to drink caffeine at certain points of the day without suffering from insomnia or getting terrible migraines. I definitely was intrigued by the fact that I could drink this tea right before bed to relax and still get a great night's sleep without any side effects.

After steeping the Lemon Ginger Bliss sachet in my tea cup for a bit I decided to take my first sip. The taste of lemon was very apparent but the strawberry took a back seat for this one. The ginger was well paired with the lemon without overpowering the other. The taste overall was a bit more mild than I had anticipated due to the almost overpowering fruitiness that came from the packaging, but was a delightful tea at that.

I drink this tea warm but this tea can be consumed both warm or cold. This makes it a great tea for any time of the year. I have even seen some people add fruit to this mixture and serve it on ice as a refreshing summer beverage.

Lemon Ginger Tea Health Benefits

The Teavana Lemon Ginger Tea is great for soothing sore throats, you can even add a little bit of honey for its antibacterial properties. It's a great tea to help soothe a cold, help indigestion and provide relaxation. The lemon and chamomile help to soothe and provide comfort to the body, the ginger and lemon verbena helps ease your stomach and lemongrass provides antioxidant properties.

Ginger Health Properties

I was really excited about the ginger aspect of this tea for its healthy properties. Ginger hosts a variety of health benefits that make this tea even more beneficial to your overall health. Ginger helps with nausea, weight loss, lowers blood sugar and improves heart disease risk factors, it helps treat chronic indigestion, GERD and has even been known to help lower cholesterol levels as well.

Chamomile Health Benefits

Lemon Ginger Bliss also provides a variety of Chamomile health benefits for the body as well. Chamomile can help reduce menstrual pain, lower blood sugar, reduce inflammation, help fight cancer, treat cold symptoms and some studies have shown that it can help treat mild skin conditions.

With all of these beneficial ingredients, delightful smells and intriguing tastes, it's no wonder the caffeine free Lemon Ginger Bliss tea will more than likely become one of my favorite go to teas for any point in the day.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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